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I updated from Git and rebuild lmms from scratch.
As far as can see, the issue is fixed.
I imported my two killer Midi files with no crash.

FYI, the crash was occuring with Midi files that contain lyrics - kind of karaoke Midi files - when decoding the lyrics track.
In MidiImport::readSMF(), evt->get_attribute() returns "tracknames" but evt->get_update_type() returns "u" instead of "a".
Not sure why however.

Thanks a lot for the fix anyways, guys :-)

On 15-04-27 03:12 PM, Michael Gregorius wrote:

@Umcaruje No, unfortunately I cannot confirm with 100% certainty that #1984 fixes the issue described in this ticket. I was only able to reproduce a crash using one of my own MIDI files. To ensure that this issue is fixed by #1984 we'd need one of the files that @midi-pascal used.

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