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ty armour-2
I did not want to post this for everyone to see. This does pertain to development. I made a bunch of suggestions under the name I5CHB i think.

anyway I am building a plane, and just wanted to see if you guys wanted to contribute to it by developing lmms. I thought the suggestions I made would also greatly benefit you guys as it would make lmms more FL studio/Ableton class as far as range of uses goes. I thought with the instruments and things I suggested it would make lmms very good software.

so if you want to help out and contribute to this plane please do it! I am looking for all the help I can get.

I also fully understand if you are uninterested in developing this stuff too. I do genuinely think that the suggestions would aid in keeping lmms relevant to the electronic music industry.

anyhow thanks for your time!

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