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Stephane Thomas-3

This is my TODO list for the website :

 - My account :

    Currently you can create account but not modify it to change
password or realname.

 - Write a basic help on the utilisation of the site.

 - Show file size on the file list and in file details.

 - Add a visitors comments field in table Files :

    The actual comments field is only modifiable by the file owner or an
administrator, it's here to store description of the file.
    The new "visitors_comments" field will store visitors comments,
 visitors could append their comments but can't delete the other

 - Add a integer "rate" field in table Files :

    A registred user can vote for a file, if so rate for this file =
rate + 1.

 - Add a table "Votes" with fields (file,user) to keep trace of votes
and only permit one vote for each file for one user.

 - Align form's inputs with their label, currently the display is awful.

 - Implement the "delete file" function.

 - Implement a delete category function :

    Note that a category could only be removed if there is no file in

 - Replace the download/modify/delete links with an icon.

 - Make a banner with the official LMMS logo.

 - Make a administration page with stats, userlist.

 - Permit administrators to delete normal user account :

    Not very usefull because an account could only be deleted if there
is no file owned by this accoount...

you can comment.

I also send you the actual database model.

Stephane Thomas <[hidden email]>

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