Power consumption and performance optimisation

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Power consumption and performance optimisation

Tobiasz Karoń

For a longer time I'm observing that LMMS is using quite a lot of resources all the time, depending on the size of a project loaded even when no sound is produced.

Straigth off when I load "unfa - Spoken" LMMS consumes 132 - 148 % of the CPU (as displayed by htop). I'm using a 2-core (4 threads) Intel core i7 processor. That's quite a lot of processing being done that produce absolutely nothing and is not supposed to exist.


My idea to help this situation is an Instrument Usage Map.

To put is simple: it's about keeping track of which instruments are playing in which bars of the project. Then the program can use this information to process only those instruments that will actually make a difference, omitting the rest and assuming it's producing digital silence.

What say thou?

Let's talk about this.

- Tobiasz 'unfa' Karoń


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