gitHub - perhaps using hash-reference somewhat less ..?

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gitHub - perhaps using hash-reference somewhat less ..?


I dont want to make a new 'issue' on gitHub for this, because it is not a lmms bug, its more like a bug40 :p
imho there are way to many hash-mark-references used in tracker '#numb'
Its like some tickets has been references to everything, and it gets seriously messy that way.
The hash-mark-reference system is a great tool, but the value is diminished, if everything references in loops.. to everything else
I think it could be better to only make real hash-mark-references where the issues are obviously and logically connected, not just because both uses the word song-editor somewhere in the description (exaggerated to emphasize the gist :).  
There could still be a list of reference numbers, just without the '#' and link -Then the hash-mark usage could be reserved for real development connections

but what say ye.. ?